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Our history and passion for furniture

About us

Acronos Arredamenti

Acronos Arredamenti is a furniture store located in the central Aurelio district of Rome.
Since 1958, Acronos Arredamenti has won over interior design enthusiasts with its custom-made furnishings and furniture. With a talented team of artisans and designers, the store flawlessly blends modern and classic aesthetics to suit a wide range of preferences. Renowned for superior quality and personalized attention, Acronos Arredamenti stands out as the ultimate destination for transforming living spaces into works of art.
We make our clients’ design dreams come true.

our journey

Sixty years of passion and quality

For over sixty years, Acronos Arredamenti has had a unique relationship with design as an end in itself and has carried out constant innovation in the luxury furniture sector.
The history of Acrons is a story of commitment to excellence, quality and creating unique and functional spaces for our customers.

Mission and value

Our mission and our values

Our mission

Pursuing interior design perfection and offering our customers an unparalleled purchasing experience, transforming each home into a unique masterpiece.

Our values

We are committed to leading with excellence, creativity and passion as we realize our clients’ design desires.

Transform your home today

Discover our exclusive collection and give new life to your living space.

00165 Roma – Via Aurelia, 316/322
06.6623900 – 06.66016003

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